Meet our Leadership Team

We love our leadership team! Our church is founded on great leadership. From our church board to our ministry leaders, we would not be able to function without this team! We consider ourselves a family, where we're able to encourage, inspire, and celebrate with one another. If you'd like to know more about us, please send us an email and we'd love to take you to coffee!


Lead Pastor

Pastor Bob Sherwood


Worship Pastor

Pastor Kenny McMurphy

Connections Pastor

Pastor James Runcorn


Children's Ministry Pastor

Pastor Mary Beth Sherwood


Student Ministry Pastor

Pastor Chelsea Pearsall


Office Administrator

Marriage Ministry Directors

Dave & Tamara Wulf

Women's Ministry Director

Nadine Ball & Joy Wilkie

Adult ministries Director

Robert Czyzewski

Divorce Care Director

Janette Duarte

Prison Ministry Director

Michael Mercede

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