Worship Ministry


What is a worship team?

A lot of times, we think that the worship team consists of a piano, guitar, a lead singer, a drum set, and some more singers. What we often forget, though, the many people behind the scenes. While we need instruments and vocalists, we also need dedicated volunteers to run sound, be able to aid the congregation in singing through powerpoint, and faithfully pray for those leading worship. We are so thankful for the many ways that volunteers help lead our congregation in praising God and preparing our hearts to hear God's Word.

what is our worship style?

We know this is an important question. We all come from many backgrounds of worship music and we hope to be able to blend the many styles. By doing so, we hope to have the ability to sing in our "heart language" in worship - from contemporary to traditional Christian music.

How can i be a part?

In order to allow for a number of gifted volunteers to participate, our worship team varies each week. You and your family will normally see the worship leader either on piano or guitar, backed up by drums, guitar,  a bass, and sometimes violin, trumpet, harmonica or even organ. We have a wonderful team of vocalists that sing in small groups, or solo, and sometimes as a choir. We would love to have you join our worship team - from singing to sound to lights! For those interested in singing or playing an instrument, set up a time with Pastor Kenny for an audition - a time to best place you in our team!


Special events



In the beginning of 2020.

All ministry leaders, ministry volunteers, and anyone interested in serving in any capacity. Please RSVP to church office so we can be sure to have enough food for everyone.